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Instagram – Le Fol Film festivalA festival screening young video artists, next edition on September 2021 – Emission HyperactionA webradio emission diffusing experimental sound creations everymonth on StationStation Radio. – Galerie Folle BétonA exhibition space in the 17th arrondissement – Folle Béton’s website ENG Folle Béton is an association whose vocation is to support young […]


instagram website Press release _ENG Traumpunkt is a blend of punk in exile, a jazz drummer, a military band saxophonist, a Burmese violinist, and a cuica player from Clermont-Ferrand. A fusion of free jazz, punk, and spoken word, the concerts are never far from lettrist performance art, the demise of good taste, and the exhaustion […]


instagram   ***** Poppapig live in Palais des Beaux-Arts ENGBoogie(a)Woogie(B) collapses before even getting started.Disappointing and clumsy, the duo consisting of Yves Bartlett and Lucas Boutignon has been presenting a concert that is constantly regressing since 2018. The group is the result of musical explorations for one and artistic explorations for the other. As spectators […]

Soleil Gras

instagram Music album : Mer d’huile à Makaha Beach ENG Soleil Gras is a four-piece monster, where easy listening blends with the electrifying swing of Claude-Francois. Emerging from the vibrant contemporary art scene in Paris, they combine their musical backgrounds with costume design, scenography, and contemporary poetry.Established in 2019, Soleil Gras is a performance band […]