Yves Bartlett

Yves Bartlett is working in the sphere of contemporary art

    visual art -->

    Teotwawki – a project about survivalism with the brasilian artist Wesley Roque

    DEPS a project with statisticians from the French Culture Ministry

    Toujours royal, encore croyantA study on a royalist parisian party


    Fadatzaizaile – A exhibition focusing on Hanguo Yu defeat at Taiwanese national election

    météo – an artist-collective wandering in the grass

    Darius contre yves  – a video-making duo with Darius Dolatyari Dolatdoust

    Curating -->

    Paracetamool is a Paris-based collective, composed of Azad Asifovich (art critic and curator), Jérome Nivet-Carzon (galerist and curator) and Yves Bartlett (artist).

    Festival La distance séparant l’oeuf du sol
    A festival in august 2020 that gathered visual artists, performance collectives, young publishing houses, poets and musicians in Marseille.

    Soirée Liminal
    A performance party gatering six artists that happened in La galerie des Bains-Douches, Marseille, in september 2020.

    Paracetamool’s website

    Folle Béton is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote the french young art scene.

    Le Fol Film festival
    A festival screening young video artists, next edition on September 2021

    Emission Hyperaction
    A webradio emission diffusing experimental sound creations everymonth on StationStation Radio. 

    Galerie Folle Béton
    A exhibition space in the 17th arrondissement

    Folle Béton’s website

    Music / performance -->

    Soleil Gras is a Paris-based performance group composed of Lucas Durendeau, Baptiste de Laubier, Matteo Louisy et Yves Bartlett

    Mer d’huile à Makaha Beach

    Soleil Gras in Vilnius

    Soleil Gras on Radio Udon

    Poppapig is an experimental poetry and music duo with the musician Bouti.

    Poppapig live in Marseille 

    Acolora is a electro/experimental music label gathering nine nice visual artists :
    Jan Loup
    Yves Bartlett
    Dj Assid
    Ilyess El Habchi

    Acolora’s website