Yves Bartlett

curatorial projects


Nonetoile.fr instagram ENG Non-étoile is both an artists’ collective and a self-managed cultural space. Today, this association brings together seventy-five artists in Montreuil who are united by a common desire: to share workspaces and resources. Since its creation in 2021, Non-étoile has become a dynamic player in the cultural scene of Seine-Saint-Denis. It regularly offers […]

Galerie Nivet-Carzon

Galerie Nivet-Carzon Instagram Artvilnius ENG Since 2018, Nivet-Carzon Gallery has invited Yves Bartlett for the artistic direction of various events, including: – Artvilnius: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 editions.– Tbilisi Art Fair: 2023 edition.– “The Distance Separating the Egg from the Ground” Festival.   FR Depuis 2018, la galerie Nivet-Carzon a fait appel à […]

Espace nonono

instagram – Site internet – Adresse Tour Orion, 14 rue de Vincennes, 4ème étage.Ouvert sur rendez-vous (formulaire d’inscription ci-dessous)Mercredi au vendredi de 15 à 18h. – Contact espace.nonono@gmail.com@espace.nonono ENG ···Placed under the sign of exchange and experimentation, nonono is an exhibition and dissemination space located in Montreuil. It presents itself as one of the entities […]

Folle Béton

Instagram – Le Fol Film festivalA festival screening young video artists, next edition on September 2021 – Emission HyperactionA webradio emission diffusing experimental sound creations everymonth on StationStation Radio. – Galerie Folle BétonA exhibition space in the 17th arrondissement – Folle Béton’s website ENG Folle Béton is an association whose vocation is to support young […]

Fol Film Festival

Instagram – Le Fol Film festivalA festival screening young video artists, next edition on September 2021 ENG The Fol Film Festival presents every year, since 2019, films by artists, screened outdoors, in the courtyard of the École des Arts-Décoratifs (Paris 5th arrondissement). Initiated by Alice Lejeune and Yves Bartlett, the Fol Film Festival is organized […]


Hyperaction #2 hyperaction #1 ENGHyperaction is a program showcasing young audio creation in all its forms. Aired from April 2019 to April 2020 on StationStation radio, it is hosted by Raphaël Massart and Yves Bartlett, with the support of the Folle Béton association. FRHyperaction est une émission qui met en avant la jeune création sonore […]